April 14, 2021
April 14, 2021

4 Must-Know Tips for Job Seekers and Employers



Each week during their Focus on Talent Series, BellFalls Search interviews proven leaders from their network to learn from their experiences and share their Talent Attraction and Candidate Experience stories. In this week's episode, they interviewed our CEO, Jason Tabeling! Jason shares the story of his career progression, evolving from a Licensed Insurance Agent at Progressive Insurance, to a Paid Search expert, and now to the Chief Executive Officer of AirTank. Jason offers his perspective on how to differentiate yourself in your job search, as well as the critical importance of your personal & professional network. 


Watch the interview below, and check out his 4 must-know tips for both employers and job seekers alike!







As the world changes so does the job market. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, the job search can be grueling and stressful. Even for the managers who are hiring, the process can be daunting.


Whether you are hiring or job-searching, here are four best practices to keep at the top of your list.


1. Get Passionate

Especially for people who are new to the job market (whether you’re right out of school or reentering the workforce), your resume might not be as beefy as you’d like it to be. But if you are excited about the job you’re applying for and show passion, perseverance, and willingness to step up your game, it shows the employer that you can get to where they need you to be. 


Employers, don't immediately write people off who don’t appear to have all the right qualifications. Hire for motivation and interest, because those candidates will work hard and will be teachable. 


2. Get Certified

When it comes to setting yourself apart from other candidates, certifications can go a long way. Google certifications for Google Analytics are free! If you can get Facebook certified and Amazon certified, those will be big standouts for many organizations from a marketing standpoint. Plus, they are also free. 


Employers, even though many of these certifications are free, it doesn’t mean it was easy to obtain them. These certifications demonstrate that the candidate has done their homework and taken the time to gain a deeper understanding of your industry. The value of this cannot be overstated. 


3. Get Informed

Do your homework. Take the initiative to learn about the company you are applying for! There’s a lot of information available today that allows you to learn about the company and the people you’re interviewing with. Read press releases, know the words the company uses, learn their mission, and show them that you have a genuine interest in what they are doing.


Employers, find out if your candidate is informed! One of the easiest ways to filter through potential hires is to find out if they’ve actually taken the time to learn about your company. Discover if they resonate with your mission and what you’re passionate about. Look beyond their qualifications and resume. 


4. Get Connected

Especially in the digital marketing and eCommerce space, the job market is extremely competitive. The more experience you get, the more important your network gets. The more your income goes up, the greater the risk a company is taking to hire you. Referrals and recommendations from someone in your network go a long way. Don’t undervalue your network and don’t underestimate how generous people are with their time. People love to feel that their work can help someone else.  It’s just as much about that person in your network as it is about them helping you. They want to feel like they’re helping, too.

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