November 29, 2018

4 Reasons to Add Online Appointment Scheduling to Your Website


If you run a small, service-oriented business, you may be wondering if it’s worthwhile to integrate online appointment scheduling software. Although this will require an initial upfront investment and a slight learning curve, the benefits of adding online appointment booking far outweigh the risks. 

Here’s how appointment scheduling software can help you save time and streamline business operations. 


24/7 Reservation Access 

Did you know that 35% of customers prefer to schedule appointments during non-business hours? Not only that, but 25% of millennials say they’ll only book appointments online. 

Without the option for online appointment scheduling, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on new business. By giving your clients 24/7 online access to reservations and appointments, you’ll always be “open” in a sense, making it that much easier for them to do business with you. 


Reduced Manual Workload 

Most appointment management software is comprehensive enough that clients can complete requests on their own without requiring anything from you or your employees. Imagine how much more time your employees would have to take on other important business tasks if they didn’t have to spend half their day scheduling appointments or playing phone tag. You can even integrate an automatic payment system to streamline the payments portion of the process. 


Fewer Missed Appointments  

Online appointment scheduling software can be programmed to send text message reminders notifying clients of upcoming appointments. Even if they need to cancel, the system will process the cancellation automatically and free up that spot for another client. To further deter missed appointments and no-shows, consider requiring an upfront payment at the time of booking.


Data and Analytics 

Appointment management software is a great way to store client data in one central hub. This helps to simplify marketing efforts, providing easy access to email addresses and other relevant client information. Additionally, most online appointment scheduling software comes with an analytics dashboard for better insight into your business. 


Implementing appointment management software is just one of many ways to improve operations when you run a small business.

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