September 06, 2018
September 06, 2018

4 Ways to Master the New Instagram Algorithm Change


After we bid farewell to the chronological Instagram timeline and stumbled our way through the new algorithm, we compiled some tips and tricks of the trade to ensure your posts aren’t lost in the sea of Valencia filters.

From stories to swiping, we have you covered on how to master Instagram’s new algorithm change.


1. Share the Love

Instagram loves engaged accounts – so make engagement a part of your strategy. “Like” your followers’ comments, reply to their questions, chat them up when they slide in your DMs. Show your followers some love and they will love you back, increasing your chances of being first in their feed.


2. Story Time

Instagram Stories are pictures and videos that you post for your followers to view and interact with for a 24-hour period before disappearing. Stories are another opportunity for engagement: add a poll or swipe up to link to your website. Use new Instagram features like filters, stickers, and doodles. For each interaction, Instagram’s algorithm bumps you another step toward the top.


3. Timing is Everything

You already know to post at a time when your followers are most likely to see you. Now, Instagram gives you extra brownie points for how quickly your followers engage with your post. To get the most out of your perfect timing, include a compelling caption to build up the “likes” or a call to action to inspire comments as quickly as you can rack them up.


4. Repeat After Me: There is No Shadowban

Social media conspiracists were convinced Instagram implemented a shadowban – partially shutting down accounts because of too many or repetitive hashtags. We’re here to tell you: it’s fake news. Hashtags can and should be used, but make sure they are relevant, spacing them out at the bottom of your caption or using them in the comments section for best results.


Now that you’re caught up, you can give the people what they want. Filter, like, and hashtag your way into their hearts and to the top of their feed.



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