December 13, 2018

5 Benefits of Using Social Media Management Tools


If you aren’t already using HootSuiteBuffer or one of the many other excellent social media management tools out there, you’ll be amazed at just how drastically they can ease your social media workload.

Here’s an overview of the key benefits of using one of these helpful tools. 


Manage Multiple Pages

The best social media management tools serve as a central hub from which you can manage multiple pages and platforms. For example, if you share content regularly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you can add them all to one streamlined dashboard with one simple login. This alone is a huge time-saving benefit.  


Schedule Posts

While we’re on the topic of saving time, let’s talk about post scheduling. Rather than having to post your content in real-time, social media management tools allow you to schedule social media posts ahead of time across all your pages and platforms. This means you can schedule a week or two of content all at once without having to waste time doing it every single day in small increments. It’s also a great way to ensure that you have content posting during the weekend without having to actually work on your days off.


Monitor Keywords and Mentions

One of the great things about social media is that it gives brands the opportunity to listen in on relevant conversations and contribute in real-time. The only problem is that it can be challenging to find what you’re looking for. Most social media management tools simplify this process by providing a dedicated place to track keywords and mentions.  


Analyze and Optimize

As you know, any social media marketing strategy requires ongoing reporting, analysis and optimization to reach its full potential. While each social network has its own built-in analytics, social media management tools provide additional access to all the data you need—all in one place.


Simplify Internal Collaboration

Depending on the size of your business, you may have multiple people working on social media. Unfortunately, it becomes all too easy to step on each other’s toes if you don’t have the right processes in place. The best social media management tools allow you to manage tasks internally so that everyone on the team knows what’s they’re responsible for.


Whether you’re just getting started with social media marketing strategy or looking for ways to improve on what you already have, AirTank is here to help.



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