August 04, 2022

7 Steps To Create Your Own Medical Device Marketing Plan

SEO. PPC. Media spend. Data analytics and consumer trends. Marketing - and some of the jargon - can be an intimidating step as you look to take your medical device to market. But it doesn’t have to be. And having a solid marketing plan in place is an essential component of your success. Read on for 7 steps you can take to create your own medical device marketing plan.


1. Define who you are and what you do

Have a mission. A plan. A purpose. Be authentic and build out your brand based on your medical device company’s core values.


2. Research your market

Knowing who is buying your medical device and the consumer’s needs is crucial to success. Understanding your market will help you price and place your product to be as competitive as possible.


3. Know your competition

And speaking of being competitive…it’s important to know what other companies and medical devices your product is competing against. Understanding the competitors will allow you to highlight the features and advantages that are unique to your device. 


4. Set some goals

It’s important to have some benchmark goals to keep your project on track. Setting goals and tracking progress allow you to adjust and focus your efforts and resources on the avenues where you see the most growth or success. 


5. Be seen and heard

Yup, we’re talking about social media. It’s one of the best ways to cultivate brand recognition and build consumer trust. But having a robust website must also be part of the equation. It’s important to be strategic in selecting what social media channels you pursue. Have brand standards in place so that your company is consistently represented across all platforms. 


6. Collect and analyze your data

Data collection and analysis are the backbones of any good marketing plan for your medical device because you have to understand what’s working and what isn’t. Invest in the areas where you're seeing the greatest returns and re-evaluate smaller ROIs or losses.


7. Be adaptable

Okay, great. You have just invested time, effort, and expense into your new marketing plan. Well done! But bear in mind as you move forward that your marketing plan is a proactive template for ideal circumstances; in application, your marketing plan will need to be equal parts proactive and reactive. Being able to adapt your plan and adjust things as you go will be a critical step in successfully bringing your medical device to market!


Still not sure where to start? Maybe we can help! The team at AirTank would be happy to have a conversation with you about your medical device marketing needs and goals - contact us today!


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