October 06, 2023

AirTank Featured in Search Engine Land: What to do when performance tanks in PPC

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Main Causes for Declining PPC Performance:

1. Internal Checkpoints: 

   - Mistakes we make can lead to issues. These include:

     - Setting incorrect daily or lifetime budgets.

     - Uploading broad match keywords instead of exact matches, leading to undesired traffic.

     - Incorrect landing page uploads.

     - Unauthorized account access or changes.

     - Miscommunication between teams, leading to unintentional website changes, like removal of tags, CAPTCHA changes, or adding new user experience elements.


2. External Checkpoints:

   - Factors beyond our control, such as:

     - Emergence of aggressive competitors. 

     - Ignored seasonality effects or promotions.

     - Global events, like wars or economic changes, impacting the market.


Tools like Google Ads' change history and auction insights report can help identify these issues. Moreover, analyzing historical data can uncover overlooked trends or patterns.


Proactive Measures to Mitigate PPC Issues:

1. Report Annotations: Mark your reports whenever significant website changes occur. It helps backtrack and identify issues that might emerge later.

2. Quality Assurance (QA) Process: Before implementing changes, have them reviewed. Double-checking can prevent many foreseeable issues.

3. Strengthened Security: Use strong password protocols and avoid shared accounts. This not only maintains account security but also keeps track of who's making changes.


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December 22, 2023
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