September 13, 2023
September 13, 2023

AirTank Featured on "Using ChatGPT’s Advanced Data Analysis plugin for PPC"

At AirTank we are always looking to produce the best results for our clients. One of the biggest "needle-movers" has been the use of ChatGPT’s Advanced Data Analysis on all of our performance media. 

Our CEO, Jason, was featured on to discuss Using ChatGPT’s Advanced Data Analysis plugin for PPC. Here is a quick summary (or you can check out the entire article here):

Since its debut in March, ChatGPT's Advanced Data Analysis, previously known as Code Interpreter, has significantly transformed the approach search marketers adopt. The tool’s capabilities extend beyond just SEO, as it has also emerged as a boon for PPC marketers, offering rapid insights for swift actions. Here's what you need to know:

What is Advanced Data Analysis?

Advanced-Data Analysis is a versatile tool within ChatGPT that supports:

  • Uploading in various formats, such as text, image, document, code, data, audio, and video.
  • A broad range of functions, like merging and changing file types, data querying, analytics, and visualization.

For PPC marketers, the tool eliminates the tedious task of sifting through heaps of data, crafting ad copies, analyzing landing pages, and examining search query reports. Instead of investing hours into creating graphs for insights, Advanced Data Analysis accelerates the process, requiring minimal expertise in math or Excel.


Capabilities & Uses within PPC

1. Effortless Analysis: By simply uploading a campaign dataset (e.g., from Google Ads or Google Analytics), marketers can instruct ChatGPT to perform specific analyses or visualizations. An example is graphing the spend by day for top keywords.

2. Adaptability: The tool can adapt to data structures, such as recognizing when Google Ads report data starts from line 3, ensuring accurate results. If it is missed, a prompt can correct it.

3. Customized Visualizations: Whether it’s bar charts for conversion rates by day of the week or heatmaps for hourly conversions, Advanced Data Analysis effortlessly crafts visuals, aiding in informed decisions for budget allocation.

4. Efficiency with Large Data: For data sets with over a million rows, the tool can quickly generate scatter plots with trendlines, even simplifying the results by sampling, all in under a minute.

5. Deep Insights: From correlation analyses between metrics like conversion and cost or conversions and CTR to insights from search term reports, ChatGPT's plugin efficiently understands dataset contents. For instance, in a report with two custom conversion event columns, it automatically computes total conversions without explicit prompts.

6. Actionable Outputs: Apart from insights, Advanced Data Analysis can offer tangible outputs, such as extracting a list of keywords to be added to the negative list in Google Ads based on specific criteria.

The tool’s ability to rapidly analyze PPC data brings forth insights that shape winning strategies in auctions. With continuous evolution, ChatGPT's Advanced Data Analysis is poised to bring transformative impacts for search marketers and businesses in the future.


For the entire article, click here. If you have any questions or would like to speak directly with Jason about this article, please click here

December 22, 2023
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