May 28, 2019
May 28, 2019

AirTank Visits Boston for the Small Business Expo


AirTank recently had the opportunity to exhibit at the Small Business Expo in downtown Boston. It’s always a wonderful occasion when we get the chance to venture out of the office and meet with great minds. This expo was no different; it was an engaging event that provided our team the opportunity to meet passionate entrepreneurs and several small business owners. 


Showcasing our own business and learning more about other companies in our industry put us in the position to generate new relationships as we shared how we help in many facets of small business design, development and digital marketing. Multiple conversations were had with local companies in industries ranging from healthcare products to employment agencies to food services. There was quite a bit of interest in our website design services, social media marketing strategies and of course, our clients’ success stories! As a result of these great connections, we are currently in talks with many prospects and potential partners.


The Small Business Expo was an exciting excuse to display our beautifully designed booth. Our team had a constant flow of friendly faces stopping by and we were immensely happy with the multiple comments received of being one of the best designed booths in the entire expo. We look forward to more upcoming events! 



Airtank Booth at Small Business Expo in Boston Airtank booth at Small Business Expo in Boston Setting up AirTank booth in Boston for Small Business Expo


December 22, 2023
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