September 06, 2018
September 06, 2018

Building a Positive Team Culture in the Office

Did you know that 64% of employees feel like they don’t have a strong work culture? And yet without a positive company culture, it’s hard for companies to attract and retain motivated, productive, happy employees.
Building a positive team culture doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes careful planning and dedication from everyone—but especially those at the top.
Here are some tips for improving company culture in your workplace.


Communicate the mission, vision and core values.

Office environments function best when everyone is on the same page—from CEOs to interns and everyone in between. Take time to develop statements defining the mission, vision and core values so that each team member has a sense of purpose and mutual understanding about the company culture. Communicate this up front in interviews so that you can be sure you’re hiring people who align with that culture.


Work hard and play hard.

Building a positive team culture means creating the right balance between work and fun. This doesn’t have to be quite as extreme as the swimming pools and game rooms you’ll find at Silicon Valley startups. It can be as simple as providing a weekly team lunch, joining a softball league or planning a company outing. When you give people outlets to let loose and have fun, that helps to create stronger bonds between employees and improve office culture.


Lead by example.

Leaders who strive to create a great company culture must be prepared to walk the walk. Employees look to their managers and supervisors to lead by example, so be sure you’re setting a good one.


Show gratitude.

A little gratitude can go a long way in an office environment. It requires virtually no effort to thank someone for a job well done, and yet all too often people’s hard work gets taken for granted. Showing employees that you appreciate them empowers them to continue doing their best—with a positive attitude.
What are some ways you’ve created a great company culture in your workplace?
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December 22, 2023
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