August 02, 2023

Chat GPT Code Interpreter: How We Are Leveraging The Tool to Accelerate Growth for Clients

At AirTank one of our core values is to “innovate and evolve.” This is one area where we are proud of what the team is doing to help accelerate the growth of our clients' business. Recently ChatGPT-4 added a plug-in called “Code Interpreter.” This plug-in is the first real extension beyond content writing where the average person experiences it and gets the power and impact right away. We wanted to share a quick use case and give a view into how we are using this tool to accelerate the insights we create for our clients. 

To start, you need to have a ChatGPT Plus plan to gain access to Code Interpreter. This costs $20 per month. Once you start a new chat in GPT-4 you select Code Interpreter from the menu options (lots of other cool and powerful Plugins exist, but that’s for another post). 

The main capabilities of this tool allows you to upload a variety of file formats (CSV, JSON, TXT, XML, Javascript, and more) and begin to ask questions or give tasks based on those files. 

The possibilities are endless, but for most people I think the best example is to have a data file of any type (Ex. sales data, paid search data, website analytics data). Then ask Chat-GPT to analyze that file for trends. In this example, I upload a campaign report from Google Ads and asked it to “Help Identify Trends in Volume of impressions by month.” It will quickly digest the data, validate that it understands what each column stands for, and then begins the analysis. 

In this example, it quickly created the graph above. I then asked it to understand why it was trending down and it ran a correlation analysis. Previously, we would have our marketing analysts work through this data and help first identify the trend and then understand why. This is all being done through simple prompts. No statistics background, coding background, or excel background is needed. 

This same tool can be used to ask a variety of questions and analyses. It can also look through code to find errors and make suggestions on how to improve or build from scratch the desired output.

This gives our team more time to either accelerate the analysis and focus on the action plan moving forward. The same is true for our development teams, who can identify issues more quickly and get back to building.

We look forward to showing you how we bake these insights into our strategy and move to implementation more quickly to help accelerate your business growth. 

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December 22, 2023
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