September 05, 2018

Cracking the Amazon Search Algorithm to Improve Product Rankings

Are you struggling to meet your Amazon sales goals? One reason could be that your products aren’t ranking high enough in Amazon search results. Just like on Google, ranking on the first page of Amazon is key to success—but the Amazon search algorithm works according to its own set of rules.


Understanding the Amazon Algorithm

The Amazon product ranking algorithm is based on three key factors: conversion rate, relevancy and customer satisfaction.

The conversation rate is the percentage of visitors to your page who complete a purchase, relevancy indicates that your product descriptions and keywords are as accurate as possible and customer satisfaction shows Amazon that you’re doing everything right to encourage customer retention. 
When you list products on Amazon, you should always be thinking about how you can improve in these areas.


Quick Tips for Improving Your Amazon Product Ranking

So, what are your next steps? Here are some optimizations you can make in each key area to improve your Amazon product ranking.
To improve your conversion rate:
· Price your products competitively
· Include high-quality images that convey product features and use cases
· Encourage customers to leave product reviews
To improve your relevancy:
· Optimize the product title, key product features and product description with keywords
· List your products in the most relevant categories
· Add additional keywords to the Search Terms for each product listing
To improve your customer satisfaction:
· Provide fast and accurate shipping
· Maintain plenty of in-stock inventory
· Reduce Order Defect Rates
Feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone! Amazon can be tricky, and sometimes it helps to turn to the experts.
We’d love to discuss your Amazon goals and put together a plan of action for increasing sales. Contact us today to get started!

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