September 05, 2018

Here’s How Your Business Could Be More Customer Centric


Customer service can make or break a company. If customers don’t have a consistently positive experience with your brand, they’ll look elsewhere. Simple as that.

Want to create a customer focused culture from the inside out? Follow these tips.


Provide ongoing internal training.

Good customer service starts on the inside. Your customer service team should strive for consistency and satisfaction in every interaction—and that comes from exceptional training. Every business should have a process in place for onboarding customer service employees and providing ongoing training along the way. Make sure everyone is aligned with the goals and expectations of the company at all times.


Motivate your customer service team.

When it comes to customer centric selling, it goes without saying that keeping your customers happy is the top priority. But what if we told you that keeping your employees happy is just as important? By fostering a positive work environment, you motivate employees to come to work every day with a good attitude and a desire to do their job well.


Know your customers like the back of your hand.

The best way to address pain points and identify potential opportunities is by actually understanding the people you’re interacting with. This is why a customer centric approach always includes lots of research and analysis. Who are your customers? What are their habits? What frustrates them? What makes them happy? When you have a firm grasp on these and other foundational questions, you’re better equipped to provide excellent customer service.


Treat your customers well.

Customer retention is key to any successful business model. Returning customers are not only easier to sell to than new customers, they also help spread the word about your brand. The average small business gets 60% of its customers from referrals, so cultivating loyalty should be part of any customer centric strategy.


Does your business need help becoming more customer centric?

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