September 25, 2023

How AI has Impacted Our Agency and Clients

At this point, you’ve heard enough about A.I. to know that something big is happening. What you might not yet really understand is what it might mean for you personally and your business. We wanted to share our approach to A.I.. Things are moving so quickly, but we believe the winners will be in the pool trying to swim vs. watching from afar waiting for the water to be a perfect temperature. We’ve created a framework to help us think about how to deploy AI technologies for ourselves and our clients. We call it EPIC. Below are some examples of how we have deployed the EPIC framework for customers as well. It has seen some improvements in KPIs for businesses that have tested it. 


E - Efficiency - Building content more quickly and efficiently to drive SEO results. We’ve increased rankings on average by 50% within six months with AI assistant content production.

P - Personalization - Helping make your customer experiences more 1:1 vs. 1:Many. We build some AI-driven landing page experiences that have improved conversion rates by 20% by better understanding consumer intent.

I - Insights - Combing through data to find insights more quickly. Read more for examples of how we apply this for Paid Search on Search Engine Land.

C - Confidence - Our development team is moving 25% faster and more confidently. 


It’s still early days. According to the 2023 State of Marketing AI report, just 7% of brands are scaling AI technology. 


We’ve set up regular meetings to share AI learnings internally. We are working on having discussions with each of our clients to talk through how it impacts them. The goal is to learn and push ourselves and our clients into the next wave. Our job is to be your partner in digital marketing. We can not be that partner without bringing new technologies and testing to your front door. This is an exciting time for digital marketing and we want to partner with you to help find ways to use AI to improve your business. Let us share our experiences with you and grow together.


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December 22, 2023
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