August 09, 2023

Reintroducing Seller Fulfilled Prime: What Sellers Need to Know

The eCommerce behemoth, Amazon, has made a significant announcement that has sellers buzzing. Beginning October 1st, 2023, Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) will be reopening its gates for new seller enrollment, with an updated set of requirements.

Amazon first introduced the SFP program in 2015, designed to allow sellers to independently handle the fulfillment of their products, whilst offering them to Prime customers with the expected fast, free delivery. However, as the program’s popularity surged, Amazon identified that the SFP experience wasn’t always on par with what Prime customers expected. This led to the temporary cessation of new seller enrollment. With revamped support for sellers and reinforced standards, Amazon is now optimistic about reopening enrollment and offering a consistent Prime experience to its customers.

Our team of Amazon experts dug into the specific changes that Amazon made prior to the re-launch.


What’s Changing with SFP?

For those unfamiliar with SFP, or for existing members wondering about the modifications, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:


1. Removed Requirements:

  •     On-time shipment.
  •     Use of Amazon Buy Shipping services.


2. Updated Requirements:

  •     On-time delivery: Ensure a 93.5% (or higher) on-time delivery rate.
  •     Valid tracking: Maintain a valid tracking rate of 99% or higher.
  •     Nationwide delivery: Must cover the contiguous US within a 1-5 days delivery range.
  •     Delivery speed: Various requirements based on the size tier of the product.
  •     Free returns: Align with Amazon-fulfilled free returns policy.
  •     Program fee: A fee structure based on the size tier, equating to 2% of the total price (minimum of $0.25 per item sold).


3. Unchanged Requirements:

  •     Seller-initiated cancellation rate should remain under 0.5%.
  •     Commitment to free shipping.
  •     Ensure operations and delivery on weekends.
  •     Amazon will handle order inquiries and more.


Why the Shift?

The primary motivation behind these modifications is to assure that the speed and reliability of SFP shipments mirror other Prime shipments. With these new requirements, Amazon hopes to deliver a consistent Prime experience, regardless of whether an item is fulfilled by Amazon or the seller.


Support and Training:

Sellers aren't being thrown into the deep end. Amazon is planning webinars to give an overview of the changes, best practices, and to address any queries sellers might have. Selling Partner Support will also be available for questions and troubleshooting.


Seller Fulfilled Prime, with its new standards, is an exciting development for both sellers and buyers. It showcases Amazon’s dedication to ensuring that Prime customers always get the top-tier experience they expect, no matter who fulfills the order.

Those interested in understanding the nitty-gritty details or in enrolling should head to Amazon's Seller Fulfilled Prime page. Remember, Amazon appreciates your patience and is eager to work closely with you as these changes roll out.

As always, if you have questions, feel free to reach out to one of our Amazon experts by clicking here! Happy Selling!

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