February 18, 2019

The Ins and Outs of an AirTank Amazon Account Analysis


Here at AirTank, we are Amazon experts. We help clients accelerate their sales on Amazon by developing listings optimized for organic search, creating Enhanced Brand Content, and building an Amazon Store. Before we get started, we run a thorough analysis of a customer’s Amazon account in order to identify opportunities for growth and improvement and what outcome the client can expect from following our recommendations. 

Here are some of the items on our Amazon Account Analysis checklist. 


Amazon Product Listings

There are many elements that make up a great Amazon listing. It’s not enough to simply throw together some images and copy and expect products to jump off the shelves. According to a 2018 report by ScrapeHero, there are more than 500 million products being sold on Amazon in the U.S. alone. That’s a lot of competition!  Creating robust listings is important for improved organic search visibility, gaining consumer trust and optimizing for automatic advertising campaigns. 

Screenshot comparing optimized vs not optimized amazon listing


We check each one of these listing elements to see where improvements can be made. 


The product title should include the name of the item, several descriptive keywords, size, color, and quantity (if it’s a multi-pack).

Key Product Features
The key product features are the bullet points under the “About the Product” heading. These bullet points should be descriptive and engaging. The use of all caps for emphasis is encouraged in portions of the copy. 

Product Description
This is the area that consumers go to find more about the product. Sellers should use bold text or all caps for emphasis on key points and line breaks to make it easier to read. It’s ok, and even encouraged, to repeat portions of the Key Product Features in this section to instill the value of your product over competitors’ products. 

The right collection of imagery can have a huge impact on product sales. There should be a mix of product photography that clearly shows the label, lifestyle photography that shows the product the way it will be used, and infographics, when possible. All images should be high-resolution and have the correct aspect ratio.


Brand Registry 

We highly recommend that anyone selling on Amazon become part of the Amazon Brand Registry program. Amazon Brand Registry provides brand owners with control over the way their products are displayed in the marketplace. It enables a brand to lock the content on its product detail pages so that it cannot be altered without prior approval. Members of the Brand Registry program also have access to special features, such as Enhanced Brand Content and Amazon Storefront, as well as the ability to report and remove counterfeit or trademark-infringing products and listings. 


Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content, or EBC, enables sellers to be more creative with their listings through engaging graphics and text placement. According to Amazon, “Adding EBC to your product detail pages can result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively.”

Unlike the Product Description area, which only uses straight text, EBC has several modules to choose from to display text and images. Sellers can choose the module(s) that best showcases their brand. It is best to choose images that are on-brand and eye-catching.

Screenshot of Amazon example enhanced brand content

Amazon Store

Any Amazon seller who is a brand owner has the ability to customize their Amazon Store. Consumers get to a seller’s store by clicking the brand name under the title of the listing. Customizing a store allows shoppers to learn more about the brand and choose from all of the seller’s products, all in one place. This is especially helpful to sellers who do not have a website of their own — they can use the Amazon Store instead. A seller can create multiple pages under their Store, similar to a website, with no prior website design experience. Like EBC, sellers can use a mix of high-resolution images with engaging text to tell the unique story of their brand.



During our AirTank Amazon Account Analysis, we check the reviews on the potential client’s listing. We look at how many reviews they received and if the reviews are mostly positive or negative. If they received negative reviews, we look at what action the prospective client took to address them and how it was received by the consumer. In addition to this, we look at how their reviews compare to those of their competitors. This helps us see how their product stacks up against competing products. 



Advertising on Amazon is a powerful way to increase sales and visibility, but some sellers don’t use it to its full advantage. We review potential clients’ current and past campaigns to evaluate the keywords they are bidding on and the overall campaign structure. Because of the competitive research we’ve conducted, we’ll be able to advise the client on the proper and most effective keywords for their campaign.


The Final Product

Once we have gathered information from all of the above categories, we present the prospective client with a comprehensive analysis. The analysis provides detailed information on each element of their listing along with comparisons to other similar products. This comparison is a great way for the seller to see first-hand what an optimized listing looks like. The analysis also includes an outline of the steps required to accelerate the clients’ sales. Our goal is to provide the prospective client with all the information needed to make an informed decision about the future of their Amazon listings.



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