September 05, 2018

Want to Increase Productivity and Morale at Work? Let Employees Work from Home

Have you considered implementing a work from home policy? In today’s digital world, it’s easier than ever to stay connected to employees and colleagues without having to all be in the same physical space. Here are AirTank, we work from home three days a week, and have experienced first-hand the many benefits of working remotely.


Increased Productivity

There’s a misconception that when employees work from home, they spend the day slacking off and sneaking in Netflix binges, but the fact of the matter is that 91% of workers say they get more work done when working remotely. Busy office environments can be distracting compared to a quiet home workspace. And when employees don’t have to spend hours of their day commuting, they can use that time to get some extra work in.


Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

Conflicts between work and personal life are unavoidable in any career, but when employees are afforded some flexibility, they have a much easier time juggling these inevitable hurdles. For example, rather than having to call out of work due to a sick child, they can get their work done from the home office.


Larger Talent Pool

Among the many benefits of remote work environments is that they provide access to a larger talent pool. Employers are no longer limited to people who live in a certain area. Instead, they can expand their search nationwide to find the best talent.


Lower Overhead Costs

With employees working from home, businesses can save money on everything from building space to electricity costs. Not only that, but 37% of employees say they would take a pay cut for the chance to work at home.


Happy, Motivated Employees

Studies have shown that employees who work from home are happier, thanks in large part to the freedom and flexibility they are given. Allowing employees to work from home shows them that they are trusted and valued. When employees feel positive about their relationship with their employer, they’re more motivated to put in their best work.
Do you have a work from home policy at your place of employment?
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