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Computer showing screenshot of DeFease with ease homepage

Defease With Ease



  • Redesigned content-heavy website to ensure better user experience
  • Increased leads by approximately 100%
Computer showing screenshot of DeFease with ease homepage
Screenshot of Defease with Ease homepage


This leader in commercial defeasance services needed a way to communicate their complex and varied service offerings on their website so that they could start increasing leads. They had plenty of excellent content to share with prospective clients, but it just wasn’t converting. They reached out to AirTank for a complete website overhaul.


AirTank began by creating a detailed sitemap and wireframes for each proposed page template and experience. We knew the navigation would be especially important on such a content-heavy website, so we chose a global navigation dropping to a triple navigation on the main pages, allowing users easy access to the most critical information on all pages. We then made sure that the key revenue drivers, such as the company’s defeasance calculator, were placed strategically alongside the company highlights and service offerings. During the design process, we selected imagery and colors that would bring an element of warmth to each page and connect users to the many cities in which the company operates. Finally, we built the website utilizing responsive design principles for optimal viewing across multiple devices, including mobile and tablets.


Since AirTank implemented this website redesign, this commercial defeasance company has been happy to share with us that their leads have doubled.