boy in suit with bow and arrow in front of a target boy in suit with bow and arrow in front of a target
Computer with screenshot of Real Shades homepage

Real Kids Shades



  • Created new campaigns and ad groups based upon top industry keywords
  • Wrote keyword-optimized ad copy to improve quality score and reduce CPC
  • Created ad extensions (e.g. callouts, site links, structured snippets) to increase CTR and conversions $11,000/month in 6 months
  • Ads converted 261 times in 10 months, with an ACoS of 8%
  • Generated $8,504.01 in advertising sales with a $698.01 ad spend in 10 months
Computer with screenshot of Real Shades homepage
Screenshots of Real Kids Shades website and Google search ad


This manufacturer and retailer of kids and adults sunglasses had a great line of products, but struggled to reach their target audience on Google. Without any text ads running, they were only getting sales through direct and organic traffic. Busy creating new styles and focusing on other aspects of their business, they reached out to AirTank for our Google AdWords expertise.


AirTank began by conducting competitor and keyword research to ensure we were targeting the right consumers. Once the keyword research was complete, we created Google AdWords campaigns and ads focused around the brand and age groups applicable to specific products. We did all of this with the goal of reaching engaged consumers and converting sales.


As a result of AirTank’s Google AdWords expertise, this sunglasses manufacturer and retailer saw a boosted search presence and generated $8,504.01 in advertising sales with just a $698.01 ad spend over the course of 10 months.