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Computer with screenshot of Real Kid Shades Amazon homepage

Real Kids Shades



  • Optimized 250+ product listings on Amazon to align with Amazon best practices
  • Removed 65+ unauthorized sellers from listings
  • Increased Amazon channel sales from $0/month to $11,000/month in 6 months
  • Decreased advertising cost of sale from 42.16% to 11.38% in 3 months
Computer with screenshot of Amazon Real Kids Shades listings
Screenshot of Real Shades Amazon product listings


When this sunglasses company approached AirTank, they had virtually no control of their 250+ Amazon listings in spite of being the manufacturer and trademark owner of these products. Their listings weren’t optimized for search and they hadn’t yet added all of their styles to Amazon Seller Central, which meant that unauthorized sellers were co-opting all the sales. Their Amazon Sponsored Advertising account was underutilized, and required a significant overhaul to ensure visibility in an extremely competitive market.


The first priorities for AirTank involved gaining control of the Amazon listings for this sunglasses company and uploading their full catalog to Amazon. This included enrolling them in the Amazon Brand Registry program and coordinating with the Amazon retail team to optimize copy in the titles, key product features and product descriptions. Concurrently, we developed an action plan for removing unauthorized sellers and implemented it with rapid success. We also created advertising campaigns and ad groups based on keyword research, and adjusted bids according to the ACoS of each campaign.


As a result of AirTank’s success reclaiming brand control for this sunglasses company, Amazon sales increased from virtually nothing to $11,000/month in six months, with the advertising cost of sale decreasing from 42.16% to 11.38% in 3 months.