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  • Optimized 20+ product listings on Amazon and eBay to align with best practices for each marketplace
  • Removed 150+ counterfeit resellers from listings
  • Implemented Amazon and eBay advertising campaigns


This CPAP cleaning device manufacturer was underperforming on Amazon and eBay in spite of years of consistent growth in website sales. Their products were clearly in high demand on both marketplaces, but they were competing with dozens of unauthorized sellers that dominated the Buy Box and obscured their listings. On top of that, their listings weren’t fully optimized for search and conversions, and they needed a more strategic approach to their Amazon Sponsored Advertising account. They relied on AirTank’s marketplace expertise to increase Amazon and eBay sales.


AirTank enrolled the client in the Amazon Brand Registry and eBay Verified Rights Owner programs, then developed a strategy for removing unauthorized sellers. Within days dozens of unauthorized sellers were removed. With the unauthorized sellers under control, AirTank optimized 20+ product listings to align with Amazon and eBay best practices for search and conversions—including optimizations to the title, key product features, product description and Enhanced Brand Content. We created advertising campaigns and ad groups based on keyword research, and adjusted bids according to the ACoS of each campaign. As the client’s Amazon and eBay accounts experienced rapid growth, we provided critical support while they restructured their distribution model to accommodate the sudden increase in sales.


As a result of AirTank’s Amazon and eBay expertise, this CPAP cleaning device manufacturer saw Amazon sales increase 465% in just one quarter and eBay sales increase 168% in six months.