January 03, 2019
January 03, 2019

New Year’s Resolutions for Businesses


Welcome to 2019! Have you thought of your New Year’s resolution yet? Here are a few improvements almost any business can work on to get on the right track for the new year. 


Start a Blog

Blogging drives traffic to your website when you share your blog on social media. Blogging also establishes credibility and thought leadership and can help convert traffic into leads and sales. 

Resolution: I resolve to post a blog to my website and social channels at least once a month.


Dive Into Social Media Marketing

If your business is not active on at least one social channel, you’re missing out. With over 2 billion (that’s billion with a b) users on Facebook, that’s a lot of free advertising! The first thing that a potential customer does when they hear of you is to check you out online. Also, you can be sure that if you are not on social media, your competition is. 

Resolution: I resolve to improve my social media presence by posting to at least one social channel weekly. 


Update Your Website

Speaking of your online presence, how’s your website? Take an objective look and make as many updates as needed to give your business the edge it deserves. While you’re at it, post one of the new blogs you’ve written!

Resolution: I resolve to review and revamp one page per week until my website showcases my business the way it should.



Now that we’ve given you a few resolutions, are you ready to jump in, or do you still feel overwhelmed?

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